What is FOR?

Simple yet efficient, like all ground-breaking innovations.

Fast Oil Recovery Systems are emergency circuits which allow immediate and permanent access to a ship’s cargo and fuel tanks.

Strategically positioned access points on deck enable salvors to simply plug into FOR Systems as necessary, whatever the ship’s inclination. There is no longer a need for hull drilling.

For space and cost-efficiency purposes, JLMD engineers make sure, whenever possible, to use the ship’s existing pipes to install the systems.

Key points

New or existing ships

FOR Systems can be applied to both newbuilds and existing ships

One size fits all

FOR Systems are universal in application, fitting all manner of tanks and ships (bulk carriers, chemical and crude oil tankers, container ships, cruise ships and navy vessels.

No loss

No loss of cargo space and no additional weight for ships.

Risk Management

FOR Systems eliminate the inherent risk in hull drilling, increasing emergency responder safety.


No maintenance needed by crew members.


FOR Systems adapt to any position of a sunken or grounded ship at any depth. The connection can be achieved by a diver or ROV.

References & Certifications

Leading the way

Leading shipowners and shipyards have already turned to FOR Systems, including one of the world’s largest container ships, the CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupéry, built by Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Philippines.

Tested, certified and already in the spotlight!