The FOR Benefits


Turn to a value-creating, business-oriented approach of oil spill prevention.

A vessel environmental incident or accident at sea puts your business at high risk in terms of reputation, civil liability and, ultimately, commercial development.

FOR Systems provide effective year-round prevention and a rapid recovery solution for when the unthinkable happens.

Respond to the shift of leadership when facing accidental pollution.

Following the RENA and COSTA CONCORDIA disasters, accidental pollution has become a hot topic for the maritime industry. Public authorities worldwide are more sensitive than ever towards environmental issues.

When an incident occurs, removing the threat of pollution has become their first requirement. As a result, the costs of salvage operations have started to rise beyond all estimates. In a growing number of cases, these costs exceed the USD $70 million threshold, beyond which the re-insurance market then has to intervene.

Make a smart move: turn to FOR Systems to meet these new requirements while keeping control of salvage costs. The media are watching.

Save time and money

FOR Systems can cut recovery operations times by at least 50%, preventing you from the consequences of a major spill while saving you money across the board.

Enhance your legal credibility

By implementing the FOR Systems, you can demonstrate your environmental corporate and social responsibility if faced with a lawsuit.

Facilitate salvage operations

Ensuring the smooth removal of oil increases your chances of recovering both your ship and your cargo.

Turn pollution risk into a competitive asset

FOR Systems will strengthen your CSR policy and allow your clients to speak positively about your environmental initiatives.

Clear benefits

Show leadership, go beyond regulation.

Some 20,000 large-capacity ships currently navigate the seas without having emergency access to the hazardous products they carry. Managing those risks effectively has finally been achieved. FOR Systems are solutions that can be implemented now.

While safety standards are important to the shipping industry, it is no longer feasible to wait for new regulations to usher in the adoption of safe and cost-effective pollution solutions.

FOR Systems open a tremendous opportunity for pioneering industry players to show leadership and be covered for the worst case scenarios.